Fixate turns design into a science


Fixate AI is a fully automated attention analysis engine for design teams. Fixate can be used to analyse any visual content at scale, helping you to objectively measure the quality and effectiveness of your visual assets with confidence. Fixate AI - the creative design scientists.

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How it works

Fixate starts with you simply uploading images or videos. We then use our suite of algorithms and machine learning to do three things:

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    Forecast user attention patterns.

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    Predict which elements of your creative will gain the most attention.

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    Show you where you might consider improvements based on data-driven results.


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Images & Video

Get a real time, actionable score for every element of your design in seconds. Interpret the data to make fast, informed decisions based on how viewers ACTUALLY experience your content. Images, video and more. Fixate, the visual attention prediction tool you've been looking for.

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Fixate API

The fixate API allows you to access and make predictions using all of our AI models. Generate visual attention heatmaps, quickly analyse designs, calculate AOI scores, and more. Our free SDK(Java) allows for easy integration with your desktop or server-side app.

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A/B Testing

With Fixate, it's easy to A/B test your creative and see how users are looking at your content in real-time. Which design is likely to gain the most attention? Fixate will provide you with the answer in seconds.

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We analyze the data for you, so you don’t have to. We collect and process the images and videos and then process the data, analyze and create a report with main recommendations, findings, heat maps, and AOI.

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